Welcome to my online store. I'm Michael Welch
It's 12/01/2014 and I'm writing this to bring you up to date about my site. First, Go download my free michaelwelchpublications app for your iPhone or Apple device. Get it from Google Play for your Android. I'm posting free downloads from my music catalog. I'm also posting free downloads from DrumsPlusYou and JazzPlusYou. I've also posted a free download of my complete audiobook of "Notes of a Young Drummer 1966-1969" and reduced the price to $5.00 with free shipping. If you want to buy JazzPlusYou with a credit card, not Paypal you can do that from my Teachers Pay Teachers site. Best regards. Michael Welch  

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If you are visiting from my press in Poets & Writers and Downbeat, a special welcome. My two projects that I'm promoting are "Notes of a Young Drummer 1966-1969" my paperback with audio disc - and - JazzPlusYou "The Play-Along" book and mp3 data disc. You can easily purchase these on my site via Paypal.  Buyers of JazzPlusYou - Notes of a Young Drummer - Mr. Welch ! Who do you think you are ? will get free shipping in the United States of America