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Notes of a Young Drummer 1966—1969

Greetings-If you are here because of my Poets & Writers ad. You can order my book with audio disc for $10.00 including shipping in the United States. Just send the $10.00 to my PayPal account. *** Or you can get 2 books and the audio disc for $15.00 check out the new video.


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Notes of a Young Drummer 1966-1969 is available in several formats. The paperback book—Kindle and Audible download. You can read and download “FREE” samples of my Book.

Here is Set 5 ” Little Black Egg & My Brother The Man-The Tiki Club-The Allman Joys-Bobby Caldwell-Discount Music Center-Sylvan Wells”

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Notes of a Young Drummer is also available in paperback-Kindle and Audiobook

Set 22 “My Biloxi Experience-The HeadLyters-Fiesta@the Fiesta”

Set 28 “My One Nighter in The Hattiesburg Jail”

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There’s Oh-Pra

There’s OH-PRA

I can’t avoid her
she’s everywhere
staring at me from the 10 items or less check out line
as I buy my daily supplies
those magazines always have her face
showing anger, disbelief or surprise
I can’t even have a cup of decaf without seeing her face
she’s staring at me from the life-size Starbucks poster
her mouth is open like she’s saying
her photoshop smile
all glowing,
in glossy color
her OH-PRA double is looking over my shoulder
behind me
next to her OH-PRA tea
she’s everywhere
does she own the world ?

come to think of it

when you look at the planet earth from the moon
it looks like a big O
could this actually be


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Facebook Friends

I’m deleting you from my social network. Though we’ve never met “au revoir,” “Auf Wiedersehen” Whoever you are. I’m sick of your cat, Done with your dog, Finished following your daily path, Your reunion, Your lunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Snack, Your view from the drivers seat, Your flight is late, How you hate your job, Hate your life, I’d say it’s been nice knowing you, but it hasn’t.  And even Though, we have friends we don’t know_You gotta go

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