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The Road Is

In several ways, this book is a continuum of Notes of a Young Drummer. My monologue narratives are based on gigs and observations from my music experiences. Most of them are short reflections. They may be one line or sentence. Many are from my 1960s period. This book is a different size than my others, so the mechanical format was new design. I employed a digital design professional for this project. I continued to use my beat artist typewriter font for the interior text. The cover was the most detailed with my image concept. That design concept highlights my music journey, starting in 1967, moving through the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, Year 2000 and into the present. The images are based on events and the transportation vehicles that got me from gig to gig. It started in 1967 with Jim Anderson’s Chevy with a U-Haul hitched to the back. Those gigs were my first “On The Road” experiences. We (The Blenders) traveled and played in Charleston, South Carolina, Pensacola, Atlanta, Columbus, Georgia and our infamous May 1967, One Month gig at the Club Nite Beat in Key West, Florida. I write about that in Notes of a Young Drummer. It was full of surprises. The next vehicle on the cover is my 1959 VW Van. In the picture you see an individual behind bars. That could have been me serving 15-30 years in Parchment Farm. The other vehicles are my red Volvo 122s, VW Camper, VW Rabbit, Chevy Astro Van and Chevy HHR. Those vehicles are a special part of each stop in my journey. Putting this graphic together with my ideas took a few back and forth versions before I was happy with it. My design professional resides in San Salvador. There wasn’t much difficulty with English, but communicating my detailed idea and concept like this cover required patience. I made a hand drawn graphic page of it, took a picture and forwarded it to him. This eventually worked out fine. I really like the simplicity of this book. My story was written on paper and in a word processor when I was a public school teacher 1999-2005. This was written before I started Notes of a Young Drummer and most of my other complete books. Like “Notes of a Young Drummer 1966-1969” I recorded my audiobook version of this paperback. I also produced, edited and mastered my All Drums drumtracks into The Road Is. I like it and find it to be an interesting listen. I did a little different mastering and mixing of this in comparison to Notes. I hard pan my narrative monologue to the left and added my drum parts to the right. This is an old school 50s/60s stereo mix. I also used an old school radio plug-in on my voice. I use Logic for my audio production. The total read of this book is approximately 30 minutes.


released July 14, 2018


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