Education: B.A. University of Central Florida

Publications/Presentations • Modern Drummer Magazine (1981) – Electronic Musician – Downbeat – Jazztimes – Jazz Is (1993) • Keyboard Magazine (1994) • Not So Modern Drummer – (2016) •

Michael Welch Publications (1980-Present)

Quadragrip Drumset – (1980) • Notes of a Young Drummer – (2013) Paperback and Audiobook • The Road Is – (2014) Paperback and Audiobook • Mr. Welch! Who Do You Think You Are? – (2015) Paperback and Audiobook • You Play The Drums? – (2016) • Are You Serious? You Must Be Kidding! – (2016) • I The First Person – (2016) • Floridian In Paris – (2016) Photo Exhibition • Young Mozart Music Station / 10 Paperback Books with materials – (2016) • Jazz Plus You – (2017) Paperback Book with Data Disc • The Tommy Thomas Percussion Library – (2017) Paperback Book with lesson materials – Business of Music Handbook (2017) * Boom Boom the Bass Drum – Official Coloring Book (2017) * Boom Boom the Bass Drum “Instruments of the Orchestra” Coloring Book (2018)

Teaching Experience • Seminole Community College – Music (1985) • Rollins College Community School of Music – Percussion (1993) • Orange County Public Schools – Computer Technology / Writing / (1999-2005) • StarChild Academy-Kids R Kids – Early Learner Music Specialist (2006-2016) (2017-2018 Private and Montessori Education Providers ) Tampa / Wesley Chapel /

Affiliations/Memberships • The Recording Academy – NARAS National Association of Recording Arts Science 1994 • NAMM National Association of Music Manufacturers 1994 • AFM American Federation of Musicians 1984

Experience: My experience in music and the business of music are very unique.

I began my journey as a teenage musician. I performed around the United States in all kinds of venues including bars, nightclubs, concert halls, theme parks, radio, television and more.

My first experience in the “business of music” began when I accepted a “day gig” as a sales manager in a major retail music store. I learned the retail business of marketing, advertising and management.

From this position as a retail music instrument sales person, I interacted with manufacturers and sales representatives of music instruments and equipment. This included professional audio and sound recording, guitars, keyboards, microphones, speakers, percussion and band equipment. During this position as a retail music sales manager, I was working towards my degree in music.

I graduated with a BA in Music. After graduation I was employed as Principle Percussionist in the Brevard Symphony Orchestra. I also accepted a position at Walt Disney World/EPCOT as a staff musician. Employed as a Symphony and WDW musician, I began to self-produce independent records and CD’s for my “Illegal Radio” label.

My first record as a solo artist was released and charted in the top playlist on many college radio stations. During the production of these projects I learned skills needed to be an entrepreneur in the business of music. These skills included audio engineering, production, editing and mixing. I also produced the photography/graphic design and production for artwork, music magazine advertising, music promotion and distribution.

That was where my journey started.

With very little experience, I achieved moderate success for a beginning music entrepreneur. Since the production of my first 12” “Illegal Radio” record, I’ve produced hundreds of music and educational media projects. These include commercially released recordings, podcast, cassettes, DVD’s, videos, digital and print media.

To finance my ‘Illegal Radio” label, I created an independent music representative firm called Music Sales Unlimited. My plan and goal was to represent various music manufacturers as a “sales representative” in the State of Florida.

I started from scratch and built my catalog of product lines into a reputable and profitable income. Several of my major manufactures included Furman Sound, Rocktron, Renkus-Heinz, Pro Tools, Apple, Gretsch, Rickenbacker and more. I was awarded “Most Improved Territory” and “Sales Representative of The Year” for many of these companies. With the explosion of early digital technology, I began to produce the Michael Welch Drumtrack Library.

I created one of the first CD libraries for music producers working in film, radio, TV, games and digital media. My “All Drums” compact disc were licensed, sold and distributed worldwide. I produced each aspect of this project including recording, editing, mixing, artwork, mastering, engineering, brand marketing, copyright, licensing and advertising. I exhibited and sold my library globally and at major trade shows including NAMM, PAS and IAJE. After the initial release of my ‘ALL DRUMS” project, I continued to produce several “Drum Track Play-Along” projects. I recently produced a 2017 version called “Jazz Plus You” Book and Compact Disc with Mp3 play-along files.

While producing and managing my music catalog business, I was offered a position as President of the Central Florida Musicians Association.

In this position I was the negotiator of contracts between Walt Disney World and their employed musicians. This included a 5 million dollar pension fund for over 200 musicians. I was the manager and contract negotiator for all contracted traveling groups and music artist that performed in Central Florida within my jurisdiction. This included “all event and concert venues” that employed professional musicians. During my experience in this position I oversaw recording contracts for musicians, symphony orchestras and performance venues. This included a multi-million dollar (CBA) Collective Bargaining Agreement between Walt Disney World and all employed musicians. I directed an executive board, employees and legal representation.

Following the expiration of my contract for this position, I was referred to the New York, (AFM) American Federation of Musicians – Office of the President. I was immediately hired as the Trustee of the Miami Musicians Association. I was the director of the entire South Florida jurisdiction for the AFM.

I directed all daily business including office staff, finance and legal. I also administered all recording and performance contracts for Film, Radio, TV and recording. Major accounts included Gloria Estefan, New World Symphony, Bee Gees and all recording artist in my jurisdiction. While in Miami, I was also a voting board member of NARAS, National Association of Recording Arts Science.

Returning back to Orlando, I continued to perform and manage my independent music projects. I accepted a position teaching Computer Technology in the Orange County Public School system.

I taught Computer Technology for 3 years at Jackson Middle School. I also co-directed the Jazz Band. My students and classes included 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. I ran the computer production laboratory and assisted teachers with technology. I introduced these middle school students to PowerPoint, Word and various introductory music, design and animation programs. I also produced the morning school activity broadcast. My desire was to give them real-world skills that would help them in life.

In 2005, I had a 6-month offer to travel and play in the “Jazz Trio” aboard a cruise ship. It was another view of the music industry, which included musicians, sound engineers and production. During this period of time I continued to produce several music and media projects. These included audio and video projects for social media, marketing, sales and digital production. I began my entry into HTML in 1994.

Over the years, I’ve been a user of many design programs including Final Cut, Logic, PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Pages, Acrobat, Camtasia, iLife, iTunes, WordPress, Libsyn, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Blue Host, GoDaddy and Amazon.

These skills have been very useful in the production of my online projects. In 2005 I was offered a position as Early Learner Music Specialist. I accepted and began teaching music and technology. For the past 10 years, 5 days a week, I taught to early learners as young as 6 months. My age groups included students 3 years up through 2nd grade. This was a very rewarding experience. During this period of time, I began to organize and author my music curriculum for early learners. I developed my production skills including writing, design, editing and organizing these materials for a series/brand of printed paperback books.

I have authored and published 20 books. Ten (10) of these are my early learner music curriculum books for kids, Young Mozart Music Station. The first book I authored and published is Quadragrip for Drumset.

I also filed and own the Patent and Trademark for my logo design and book. I did this directly with my own communication to the Washington, DC, Patents and Trademark Office. I also own the (BMI) Copyright and Publishing. My music publications/Intellectual Property are filed and cleared with BMI- (Michael Welch Publications) and the (HFA) Harry Fox Agency.

( completed, but here’s the early post ) I’m awaiting delivery of a 324-page book called The Tommy Thomas Percussion Library. This was an 18-month project that included research of historical music materials, video editing, organizing photos, transcribing text, scanning, copyright, design, distribution and more. I also employed and directed several design experts. When I released my first Illegal Radio “record” all of my sales and marketing was by “snail mail” and telephone. Now my sales/digital downloads/internet marketing is linked to Facebook, Mail Chimp, EBay, Amazon, CDBaby, Teachers Pay Teachers, YouTube, iTunes, Podcast and a growing list of media outlets. I continue to grow and learn each day.

As an educator, producer and entrepreneur, I’ve experienced many defeats and rejections through my efforts to promote, market and sell my various music projects. These experiences also led to success within the music industry.

I believe my journey as a working musician, executive, producer, author, entrepreneur and educator would be a contribution to your program. I will work very hard towards being successful in my position. I began my journey without the benefit of a tutor or mentor. I learned from a few music business books, but most of my acquired knowledge was from hard work. The opportunity to help others as they begin their journey would be a privilege.

I look forward to your reply, Michael Welch